Sheri Biritz is an artist creating Abstract Expressionist Art on canvas. She had a very eclectic childhood starting in Louisiana, where she was born. At the age of 7, she and her family moved to Montana. Sheri’s new home was located at the west entrance to Yellowstone National Park (YNP). She drove a snowmobile to school in winter and downhill skied every weekend. In grade school part of the curriculum, once a week, was an afternoon of cross country skiing. During the summer season of abundant tourists, Sheri spent days strolling through town people watching and visiting with tourists from all over the world. She and her family spent evenings watching bears eat out of trash cans outside the back door of their home.

 In addition to being surrounded by tourists and incredible wildlife, Sheri spent plenty of her days wandering through the woods admiring beautiful landscapes. Surrounded by mountains, lakes and rivers with postcard-like views, the images are embedded within her soul. Vibrant colors explode within YNP. Sheri finds herself drawn to a pallette straight from her days in Yellowstone. Extreme landscapes from mountains, grassy fields with elk and bison grazing near a river, alongside smelly geysers to breathtaking color combinations like the famous Prismatic Springs. This geyser is located near the infamous Old Faithful. The boardwalk path leading you through these two geysers and many others are represented in many of Sheri’s art pieces. Hints of short, horizontal lines mimic that of a boardwalk. 

Sheri attended college studying Fine Arts and received a degree in Graphic Design. She combines both skill sets to her paintings by focusing on color balance and placement. Her inspiration is pulled from elements within her surroundings and from childhood memories. Sheri continues working closely with clients doing freelance graphic design. She is passionate about following her intuition in both painting and design, allowing an organic process to happen as she creates. 

While not painting, Sheri is passionate about wildlife, the environment and leaving a softer footprint for future generations. She has ambitions to continue painting and doing freelance while working to expand her brand. Sheri’s art pieces reveal a direct link to her childhood and the love of textures within nature. She uses a combination of acrylic paint and mixed media creating vivid colors and textures, adding depth to each piece. She also uses a variety of tools and materials such as paper, tissue, charcoal, graphite, pencils, palette knives, nails, and other random tools for mark making. Collectively, this allows her to build up layers, adding another level of interest. Sheri begins each piece with a vision but allows an intuitive creative process to lead her to the finished product. Sometimes it requires a do over, leaving the ghost of another painting lying beneath. Sheri feels the images being painted over weren’t necessarily meant to be seen…only to be expressed. In the end, it adds another layer of unique textures and depth to the painting. For Sheri, the beauty lies in the imperfections.

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