Dancing Silhouettes


Abstract expression acrylic mixed media


Don’t you just love the warmth of summer sun and green grass. One of my favorite, most relaxing things to do is lay in the grass and soak up some sunshine. It seems we stop enjoying the childlike playfulness of laying in the grass once we become grownups. I don’t really want to grow up if it means forgetting this childhood past time. That being said… while lying on the ground admiring flowers in my garden, I was in awe of the dramatic silhouettes the sun made. Late afternoon sun created a stunning contrast of flowers against the sky and the remainder of the garden. For this special little piece, I created a background of vivid orange, yellow, pink and purple colors to represent the garden. I used a brownish black I created floral silhouettes. To complete the look, I added a light whitewash over the top of the background to dramatize the dancing silhouettes of flowers.

Additional information

Dimensions .5 × 6 × 6 in