Saplings Workshop

Saplings Workshop

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Summer is here and so is the heat! Oh...and so are the kids. Need a moment to catch your breath?

Give your children a fun art experience to occupy an hour of their day by painting with me! Your artist can participate from anywhere they have wi-fi. Art classes are virtual, once a week and require basic art supplies (easy enough to pack for vacation).

If you're cooking dinner, on vacation, in a meeting...have your child create in a relaxing, yet stimulating online session.

All students are considered artists. The objective is to have fun, explore, and experience an adventure along the way. Each artist will create a new painting each week using watercolors + crayons. They will learn new approaches to the paper by applying techniques of mark making and patterns. This will provide an under painting for their final piece. There are no rules when it comes to art and no mistakes, only opportunities to discover new ideas.

All sessions are through Facebook LIVE events. Some sessions will air from within my studio space, while others will be a traveling workshop. We'll visit various locations to paint sculptures, statues, and landscapes.

Can't catch the LIVE event... no worries. You have access to all workshops for the month. Watch the replay on your schedule, at your leisure. You can also replay the videos as many times as you choose. Also, ONE PRICE per household!

All Sapling Workshops are led through a private online Facebook group named Saplings Art Membership. Once you're registered you will receive an email of your receipt with the link to join the private group.

STARTS: Friday, July 2nd

TIME: 10:00am EDT Eastern | 9:00am Central

Supply List: Plain Paper, Water Colors, Paint Brush, Crayons, Clean Water, Paper Towels (for dabbing brush) & Masking/Painters Tape

Recommended ages 4 + Up
Meets once a week.
4 Sessions per month; approx 40 minutes each (an hour with setup).

Background on naming this group:

"Saplings" is a spin off from my original group Pink Orchard Art. Saplings was created for my Kids Workshops. My daughter is actually the mad genius behind the "saplings" terminology. Saplings are young trees. How perfectly perfect!