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Enjoy time with other creatives as we build an art community within a Pink Orchard

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Intuitive painting is my favorite method in creating abstract art. I’m naming this piece “Serenity”.  By definition, serenity is a state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. This was the exact state I was in while painting and the optimal place to be.


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Black + White Collection

Is your decor the elegance of Black + White?

Black + White

Commission Paintings

Graffiti Love

Collaboration with client to create a special gift for Cathy Heller, Made To Do This. Quote was prayed over she and her husband at their wedding.

Commission Piece

Sea Side

Color matching to your home is all in the details. What color pallette do you adore. This client loves the smell of sea salt from the ocean shore and created a beach side vibe throughout her home.

Commission Piece


Are you looking for a specific color pallette? Let's discuss options for a beautiful, personal piece for your home or office.

Commission Piece

Personal Testimonies from Collectors

“My experience working with Sheri was amazing! I first approached her hoping to memorialize my father after he passed. I wanted a special piece of art to capture his spirit and illustrate our life in Texas. Sheri and I met in her studio to collaborate ideas. She listened and asked questions to get to the root of my vision. Sheri translated my memories into beautiful images through her color stories and even included actual pictures from my childhood. Not only do I have a beautiful piece of art for my home, I am able to enjoy these precious memories on a daily basis.”


“I love Sheri’s work. It is bright, colorful and fun, just like her. I especially love her red birds.”


“Sheri pours her heart and soul into every piece she creates. The vibrant colors and expressive designs reflect the boundless passion and creativity that lives in her soul. Her inspiration comes from deep down and flows onto the canvas with loveliness and generosity. She is a delight to work with because she totally immerses her thoughts and feelings into creating a concept you’ll love.”