This is me

Abstract Artist 

I am an abstract painter using gestural movement, intuitive marks, and layers of paint to create texture, conveying energy and emotion. Works on canvas and paper feature mixed media added in, expressed within hunks of paint, drips, swipes, scratching, and smudging methods, building upon each layer to create abstractions of nature. 

My work draws from both my Southern roots of Louisiana to my Northwest upbringing in the mountains. Our backyard was the boundary to Yellowstone National Park and elements from the dramatic landscape show up within my work through color and form, alluding to elements within that backdrop. 

Growing up, I was surrounded by creative people with daily exposure to the creative process through a variety of outlets. My strongest memories of creating started at the age of 10. I was obsessed with rocks. Their texture and color captivated me. I’m a Commercial Artist by trade and after starting my family, stepped away from the fast paced industry. I have continued doing freelance work for 20+ years. Any creative outlet brings me joy. I began creating collage work on upcycled wood and selling my pieces in a local boutique. There was an energetic pull to 'go bigger', pulling me back to creating like I did as a 10 year old. Stretching my arms out in gestural movements is a feeling of freedom.

Thanks for dropping in. I’m so grateful you're here. 
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