Her Story

I’m an abstract expressionist painter. I love getting messy with my paint but at the same time, I love experimenting with all mediums. My go to is acrylic paint. Sometimes I’ll include tissue paper and scrapbook paper, or anything I can find in my stash of supplies! A lot of my paintings are abstract but I'm drawn to birds and flowers too. I enjoy painting them in random ways, in unexpected settings. 

My biggest influences for my paintings are from growing up at Yellowstone National Park, the West entrance. My house sat next to the park boundary line and I spent my days wandering through the woods exploring. The days from my childhood are reflected in my paintings through texture. The process I use to build up layers of paint to achieve various textures are inspired by the Rocky Mountains. Things like pine trees with their rough bark and oozing sap. The pine needles laying like a blanket covering the dry rocky soil. Mountainous landscapes cutting in and out of tree lines revealing deep, rich colors, along with extreme textures from the rocky terrain. Wildflowers bloomed in unexpected settings providing beautiful pops of bright colors. Have you ever been to Yellowstone? If you have, then you have seen the geysers. The boardwalk looping around Old Faithful will draw you in and if you study the edges of the geysers with their crusty edges and brilliant rusty reds + yellows to the most brilliant blues + greens. Different times of day provide different moods due to the lighting. Makes me think of Monet's theory on light source. These specific geysers were 30 miles from my home. I spent a lot of time daydreaming with geysers. The environment definitely influences my art.

You can also learn more about my story in the “Journal” section where I blog all my latest shenanigans. This is also where you can read about my Lupus diagnosis, Journal post "So Here It Is".

Thanks for dropping in. I’m so grateful you are here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at sheribiritz@gmail.com