This is me

Abstract Artist and Surface Designer

I am an abstract painter using gestural movement, intuitive marks, and layers of paint to create texture, conveying energy and emotion. Works feature mixed media added in with methods using hunks of paint, drips, scratching, and smudging, building upon each layer to create abstractions of nature. 

What does all that gobbley goop mean? Fancy pants way of saying I love to dig my hands into the mess of painting and creating. Painting on canvas and paper are my go to but I'm always exploring new ways to create. Especially if I can upcycle and repurpose an existing object. If I can DIY it...say LESS! I love a good challenge to 'Sheri-rig' something!

Thrifting is one of my favorite ways to track down canvases and frames to use in my art. I never know what to expect but my creativity is sparked by perusing stores filled with old discarded items. Maybe it's the dust. 

As an artist combined with my background as a graphic designer, the advancements of technology brings me so much joy. The ease of creating traditional art and blending it with technology has become a smooth process and to be honest, I get excited working in all the programs. I love learning new platforms and pushing my art to see how many ways I can create something new.

Creating surface designs is one of my passions. My first job out of college was creating designs for a manufacturing company. My pattern designs were on a variety of products selling in well known big box stores throughout the US. The first time I saw my tulips on a shelf filled with my designs, I was hooked. 

Hey...thanks for being here! Drop me a note and let me know if you have ideas on a product you would like to see my work on. Of course you can always reach me on social media as well...

Super grateful for you!



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