And Just Like That...

And Just Like That...

...I'm navigating the elephant in the room. It's staring me down and I thought I had time but one out of college, a senior in college, and the last one officially in high school. People! I'm finally out of the 'baby pool'. However, the elephant is...we're short timers with kids in the house so I'm cranking up my business. Empty Nest Syndrome will arrive don't blink for a moment cuz I don't wanna miss a thing. 

None the less, as we acclimate, I continue growing my business. Exciting plans are being built here at the Studio! I continue developing products featuring my artwork and I'm expanding into Boutique's. I will continue adding products to my Stationary and Gifts line. Full disclosure, I had Tea Towels but was disappointed with the quality. I'm developing a line of Tea Towels to be released in the fall. I will make the announcement in an email. 

If you have any requests, I'd love to hear them. Please reach out.

And please continue following my journey. I love having you by my side. Definitely brings me comfort having a squad cheering me on! 

Lastly, a special surprise for all the loyal subscribers on my email list...I provided you with a special discount code within the email you received. Thank you in advance for all the support. If you have questions please reach out. Love you all!




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