Dreaming in Color

Dreaming in Color

Have you ever heard whispers for your true calling? Do you have a tug in your heart or a gnaw in your gut?

Me too. A couple of years ago I wasn’t creating art due to my Lupus. The fatigue was more than I could bare. It seemed as though anything fun was eliminated for day to day survival. I am an artist. As a creative person, not being able to paint was torcher. It’s like never wearing socks again. I like socks, I don’t always want to wear them but I really enjoy them. I was longing to paint but had zero inspiration.

Two years ago I was hearing whispers to paint on large canvases. I ignored the call because it was difficult to go to the grocery store, much less the art store. One night I had a dream. It was such a peaceful dream, a state of calm and tranquility. Suddenly, I was facing a painting I had just completed. I scanned the canvas inch by inch, studying every brush stroke and color change. When I awoke, I couldn’t stop thinking of the image in my mind. I went to my art table, grabbed my sketchbook to document details. It was extremely powerful and I didn’t want to forget a thing. I quickly mixed my colors and carefully painted a thumbnail of the painting.

The following weekend I went to an art store nearby. I was ready to paint this vision in my head. I asked for help from the staff, got their input on which paints to buy, and which canvas, and how to prepare it. Without hesitation I took action to answer the call. The above image is my first large canvas painting. Tamborine Flowers was proof I’m dreaming in color. The dream was so powerful, giving me the motivation to mentally kick Lupus to the curb.

This painting launched an art movement from within. I continue to paint and sell my work, along with commissions. My work gives me the space I need to escape. As I paint, I’m always listening for the whispers and answering the call within. It is powerful. If you are hearing a whisper…something great might be calling you home. Take a chance on yourself and answer your own call

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