October is only a few short days away. As it quickly approaches, I cannot help but reflect on this past year. I just knew this was the year of clear vision. I began the new year with all my goals tucked sweetly in my pocket so I could hold them near. One year ago I set a goal for myself. I had a year to come up with a plan for my art and how I wanted to use it and sell it. I continued to produce artwork. I signed up for a small, intimate art show to dip my toe into the water of art fairs. Hoping it would create a safe test run before signing up for larger shows.

Needless to say, this has been a year beyond comprehension. No matter what the buzzwords were for Covid-19…this girl kept painting. No distractions. On February 29, 2020 I painted these sweet little birds. They represent every daring, brave, hesitant, desired feeling I was having. So many feels. Once they were painted, I sat and pondered on the title…as I stared at these innocent creatures, all I could hear was…”Leap”…you know you want to little bird. What holds you back? Be Brave. Be Strong. Just jump…just go for it…just leap.

The bird already in flight is pushing through a white cloud, symbolizing all the fear and hesitation it overcame to take the leap. As it begins to soar, with the wind stroking its feathers, the bird still at rest sits with watchful expectations of hope. Feeling encouraged by the comradery, the resting bird sits near the edge, anticipating its very next step. Pulling from within, it is time. This bird is ready for the leap into the next chapter within the journey. I adore these courageous birds and listened as I leaped into the week of my art show, embracing all of it. I sold numerous paintings at the show. I have incredible friends and family who rally around, cheering me on and supporting my art. I am so grateful.