Summer Joy

As another summer comes to an end, I can honestly say it has been one like none other. How could I bring myself to write while in survival mode. I, like the rest of the world juggled the challenges we were dealt in 2020. This was going to be the magical year. 2020 was supposed to be a year of new beginnings with new perspective, bringing clear vision to what our future could and would hold. As we all faced the pandemic, unbeknownst to us, our visions became very clear. We learned to turn to one another, from country to country, neighbor to neighbor and lean in with the ones we love and hold dear. Thus far the year has provided numerous challenges beyond the pandemic…for everyone. We have been forced to learn to adapt and be flexible, like it or not.

I refuse to fixate on the negative. As I have expressed to my daughters…find the good. I could list all the struggles we faced, beyond the pandemic, making it the longest year ever. Instead, we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, take a deep breath as we inhale our future and exhale our past. I go through all the positives within the painful parts. We cry, we laugh and we find the “Summer Joy” regardless of the painstaking year we have all endured. My heart truly goes out to all lives lost in 2020. There are not enough words to express my sadness on this topic. My hope is we continue to lean in to one another, hold on to love and look for the good, finding joy within each day to keep us moving forward.