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Sheri Biritz

Message In A Bottle

Message In A Bottle

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Life is but a dream. If you could store your deepest secrets, where would you keep them? Would you write them on a piece of paper and slip them in a glass bottle. Toss it into the ocean where no one will know but the sea? I’ll never tell. Is this where all the sea glass is coming from, people whisking their wishes and dreams into a secret ‘Message In A Bottle’.

The thought of broken glass strewn about the ocean floor fascinates me. I find myself longing to know the story of how each piece arrived in the water.

Sea glass pieces are formed from broken man-made glass products and are polished and refined by the waves and currents of oceans, as well as a few other natural phenomena until they’re finally washed to shore with only a memory of your secrets before.

Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas

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